Lobules I/II

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Cerebellum Protocol Project
Whole Cerebellum Lobe Definitions Vermis Definition Lobule Delineation
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Lobules VIIIA-X vermis Lobules VI-VIIB vermis

Lobule I,II

  • Location: Within 10-12 slices to the left and right of the mid-sagittal in the mid horizontal region
  • Description: It is a very thin hair like lobule, best identified in the sagittal orientation as seen below. It is the small thin curve of grey matter bordering the superior cerebellar peduncles and nearly touching the spinal cord.
  • The most difficult aspect of delineating this lobule is determining the boundary between Lobule I,II and the corpus. Make this transition gradual. This lobule disappears when there is once again a connection between the the corpus and the spinal cord.