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Cerebellum Protocol Project
Whole Cerebellum Lobe Definitions Vermis Definition Lobule Delineation
Lobules I/II Lobule III Lobule IV Lobule V
Lobule VI Lobule VIIAf Lobule VIIAt Lobule VIIB
Lobule VIIIA Lobule VIIIB Lobule IX Lobule X
Lobules VIIIA-X vermis Lobules VI-VIIB vermis

Lobule VI

  • Location: Spans almost entire cerebellum, except the far lateral sides
  • Description: One boundary is easily identifiable in the midsagittal region as there is a clear, wide fissure separating lobules V and VI (see Figure 47) (this should already be defined)
  • On the other side it is bounded by VIIAf and VIIAt. The best way to see this boundary is the begin at the mid-line of the sagittal view and travel laterally about 15mm. You should see lobule VIIAf, which is not usually present in the midline grow in prominence. This is the second boundary for lobule VI and can be followed laterally in the sagittal view. When delineating the mid line maintain the already established anatomical boundary.
  • This is one of the most distinct and reliable boundaries in the Cerebellum.