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Cerebellum Protocol Project
Whole Cerebellum Lobe Definitions Vermis Definition Lobule Delineation
Lobules I/II Lobule III Lobule IV Lobule V
Lobule VI Lobule VIIAf Lobule VIIAt Lobule VIIB
Lobule VIIIA Lobule VIIIB Lobule IX Lobule X
Lobules VIIIA-X vermis Lobules VI-VIIB vermis

Lobule VIIAt (Crus II)

  • Location: Spans entire cerebellum about middle of the sagittal orientation
  • Description: This lobule can first be identified and painted in the midsagittal and then the paint can be propagated laterally, can also be seen in the posterior axial slices.
    • In the midsagittal region, there is an easy to define fissure separating this lobule and Lobule VIIIA.
  • This fissure is primarily defined by the most dominate fissure between VIIAf and the prebiventure fissure, however determining which fissure qualifies can be difficult. Be patient and consider all perspectives and relavent regions of the scan in order to make the best decision possible.
  • The best palace to discern this boundary is in the final figure below.