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{{h3|Recent News Items}}
{{h3|Recent News Items}}

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15 Most Recent IACL papers on PubMed

Heran Yang, Jian Sun, Aaron Carass, Can Zhao, Junghoon Lee, Jerry L Prince, Zongben Xu
Unsupervised MR-to-CT Synthesis using Structure-Constrained CycleGAN.
IEEE Trans Med Imaging: 2020, PP;
[PubMed:32780700] [DOI]

Shuo Han, Yang An, Aaron Carass, Jerry L Prince, Susan M Resnick
Longitudinal analysis of regional cerebellum volumes during normal aging.
Neuroimage: 2020, 220;117062
[PubMed:32592850] [DOI]

Jonghye Woo, Fangxu Xing, Jerry L Prince, Maureen Stone, Timothy G Reese, Van J Wedeen, Georges El Fakhri
Identifying the Common and Subject-specific Functional Units of Speech Movements via a Joint Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization Framework.
Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng: 2020, 11313;

Shuo Han, Aaron Carass, Yufan He, Jerry L Prince
Automatic cerebellum anatomical parcellation using U-Net with locally constrained optimization.
Neuroimage: 2020, 218;116819
[PubMed:32438049] [DOI]

Aaron Carass, Snehashis Roy, Adrian Gherman, Jacob C Reinhold, Andrew Jesson, Tal Arbel, Oskar Maier, Heinz Handels, Mohsen Ghafoorian, Bram Platel, Ariel Birenbaum, Hayit Greenspan, Dzung L Pham, Ciprian M Crainiceanu, Peter A Calabresi, Jerry L Prince, William R Gray Roncal, Russell T Shinohara, Ipek Oguz
Evaluating White Matter Lesion Segmentations with Refined Sørensen-Dice Analysis.
Sci Rep: 2020, 10(1);8242
[PubMed:32427874] [DOI]

Shuo Han, Aaron Carass, Jerry L Prince
Hierarchical Parcellation of the Cerebellum.
Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv: 2019, 11766;484-491
[PubMed:32399521] [DOI]

Angeliki G Filippatou, Jeffrey Lambe, Elias S Sotirchos, Kathryn C Fitzgerald, Andrew Aston, Olwen C Murphy, Nicole Pellegrini, Nicholas Fioravante, Hunter Risher, Esther Ogbuokiri, Ohemaa Kwakyi, Brandon Toliver, Simidele Davis, Nicholas Luciano, Ciprian Crainiceanu, Jerry L Prince, Ellen M Mowry, Peter A Calabresi, Shiv Saidha
Association of body mass index with longitudinal rates of retinal atrophy in multiple sclerosis.
Mult. Scler.: 2020, 26(7);843-854
[PubMed:32297826] [DOI]

Elias S Sotirchos, Natalia Gonzalez Caldito, Angeliki Filippatou, Kathryn C Fitzgerald, Olwen C Murphy, Jeffrey Lambe, James Nguyen, Julia Button, Esther Ogbuokiri, Ciprian M Crainiceanu, Jerry L Prince, Peter A Calabresi, Shiv Saidha, International Multiple Sclerosis Visual System (IMSVISUAL) Consortium
Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Is Associated with Faster and Specific Retinal Layer Atrophy.
Ann. Neurol.: 2020, 87(6);885-896
[PubMed:32285484] [DOI]

Arnold D Gomez, Maureen L Stone, Jonghye Woo, Fangxu Xing, Jerry L Prince
Analysis of fiber strain in the human tongue during speech.
Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin: 2020, 23(8);312-322
[PubMed:32031425] [DOI]

Yufan He, Aaron Carass, Yihao Liu, Bruno M Jedynak, Sharon D Solomon, Shiv Saidha, Peter A Calabresi, Jerry L Prince
Fully Convolutional Boundary Regression for Retina OCT Segmentation.
Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv: 2019, 11764;120-128
[PubMed:31853524] [DOI]

Yufan He, Aaron Carass, Yihao Liu, Bruno M Jedynak, Sharon D Solomon, Shiv Saidha, Peter A Calabresi, Jerry L Prince
Deep learning based topology guaranteed surface and MME segmentation of multiple sclerosis subjects from retinal OCT.
Biomed Opt Express: 2019, 10(10);5042-5058
[PubMed:31646029] [DOI]

Jacob C Reinhold, Blake E Dewey, Aaron Carass, Jerry L Prince
Evaluating the Impact of Intensity Normalization on MR Image Synthesis.
Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng: 2019, 10949;
[PubMed:31551645] [DOI]

Maureen Stone, Arnold D Gomez, Jiachen Zhuo, Ange Lydie Tchouaga, Jerry L Prince
Quantifying Tongue Tip Shape in Apical and Laminal /s/: Contributions of Palate Shape.
J. Speech Lang. Hear. Res.: 2019, 62(9);3149-3159
[PubMed:31469967] [DOI]

Elias S Sotirchos, Angeliki Filippatou, Kathryn C Fitzgerald, Sara Salama, Santiago Pardo, Jiangxia Wang, Esther Ogbuokiri, Norah J Cowley, Nicole Pellegrini, Olwen C Murphy, Maureen A Mealy, Jerry L Prince, Michael Levy, Peter A Calabresi, Shiv Saidha
Aquaporin-4 IgG seropositivity is associated with worse visual outcomes after optic neuritis than MOG-IgG seropositivity and multiple sclerosis, independent of macular ganglion cell layer thinning.
Mult. Scler.: 2019;1352458519864928
[PubMed:31364464] [DOI]

Jonghye Woo, Fangxu Xing, Maureen Stone, Jordan Green, Timothy G Reese, Thomas J Brady, Van J Wedeen, Jerry L Prince, Georges El Fakhri
Speech Map: A Statistical Multimodal Atlas of 4D Tongue Motion During Speech from Tagged and Cine MR Images.
Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Eng Imaging Vis: 2019, 7(4);361-373
[PubMed:31328049] [DOI]

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Recent News Items



  • Can Zhao's paper titled "Applications of a deep learning method for anti-aliasing and super-resolution in MRI" appears in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine  (doi)  (PubMed)
  • Blake Dewey's paper titled "DeepHarmony: A deep learning approach to contrast harmonization across scanner changes" also appears in the same special issue of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine  (doi)  (PubMed)


IACL wins the 2019 ECE Pumpkin Carving Contest!!
  • IACL members win the 2019 ECE Pumpkin Carving Contest!!
    This is our second consecutive Pumpkin Carving Contest win, and our third win in five years.

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