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  • IACL members will present papers at the Proceedings of SPIE Medical Imaging (SPIE-MI 2016), San Diego, CA, February 27 - March 3, 2016.
    • Andrew Lang will present "Combined registration and motion correction of longitudinal retinal OCT data".
    • Ke Li will present "Quality Assurance using Outlier Detection on an Automatic Segmentation Method for the Cerebellar Peduncles".
    • Mazy Abulnaga will present "A toolbox to visually explore cerebellar sub-structure shape changes in cerebellar ataxia".
    • Zhen Yang will present "Landmark Based Shape Analysis for Cerebellar Ataxia Classification and Structural Change Pattern Visualization".
    • Can Zhao will present "Effects of Spatial Resolution on Image Registration".
    • Jeff Glaister will present "Thalamus parcellation using multi-modal feature classification and thalamic nuclei priors".
    • Bhavna Antony will present "Voxel Based Morphometry in Optical Coherence Tomography: Validation & Core Findings" and "Simultaneous Segmentation of Retinal Surfaces and Microcystic Macular Edema in SDOCT Volumes".
    • Lotta Ellingsen will present "Segmentation and labeling of the ventricular system in normal pressure hydrocephalus using patch-based tissue classification and multi-atlas labeling"
  • Other accepted papers at SPIE-MI 2016 coming from collaborations with IACL.
    • With colleagues at Hopkins "Segmentation of Thalamus from MR images via Task-Driven Dictionary Learning".
    • With colleagues at Vanderbilt "Combining Multi-atlas Segmentation with Brain Surface Estimation".