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This page has finished its mission. And from now on, every thing will
remain as is until 2000(hopefully :-). Some of the links in this
page may become obsolete soon because Atlanta'96 is over. However, 
if you want to experience the excitinf moment again or simply viewing 
some cool Olympians pictures, you can still find something useful in 
this page. 

Also, access statistics during the Olympics of this page is provided
here for your reference.

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Today's Bulletin Board

Sun. Aug 4 - 9:45pm

  • Table Tennis - Liu Guoliang win men's singles gold!
  • Diving - Fu Mingxia win women's F3m Springboard gold!
  • Table Tennis - Deng Yaping win women's singles gold!
  • Badminton - Ge Fei and Gu Jun win women's doubles gold!
    Country            Gold   Silver  Bronze   Total
    United States       44      32      25      101
    Russia              26      21      16       63
    Germany             20      18      27       65
    China               16      22      12       50
    France              15       7      15       37
    Italy               13      10      12       35
    Australia            9       9      23       41

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