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Mon. Aug 19

  • We are in the playoffs

    ECE Team Memebrs, 
       Yes, we are in the playoffs. Our 
    first playoff game is this Wednesday 
    (Aug. 21) @ 6:15. Note the different 
    time. We will meet in the lobby 
    @ 5:30 or at the field by 6:00. We 
    should be ready to play at 6:15 in 
    order to get the game in before dark. 
    If we win Wednesday, we play Thursday 
    in the semifnals and if we win Thursday, 
    we play Friday in the finals. 
    Please let me know if you can attend. 

JHU Softball'96 Summer Schedule

Mon. June 3 vs. Duckfeeders (We are the HOME team) 12-11 (won) story
Wed. June 12 vs. Free Agents (we are the VISITING team) rescheduled
Fri. June 21 vs. Reptiles (HOME) 23-8 (won)
Thu. June 27 vs. Overachievers (VISITING) 3-8 (lost)
Wed. July 3 vs. Faerie Queens (VISITING) rescheduled
Mon. July 8 vs. Elmers (HOME) 12-7 (won)
Wed. July 17 vs. PsychoDogee (VISITING) won
Mon. July 29 vs. MatSci (HOME) lost
Mon. August 12 vs. Biology (HOME)

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