My research interests center on developing imaging and analysis approaches to understanding structure-function relationships in the cardiovascular system from a combined radiology and biomedical engineering perspectives. Related interests and tools involve hypothesis testing using simulations, modeling, and phantom experiments, as well as image processing and registration.


Vascular and Wall Imaging

  • Reduced FOV Turbo Spin-Echo Black-Blood MRI
Cardiac Regional Function Imaging
  • MRI Strain-Temperature Monitoring
  • Fast Three-Dimensional Myocardial Strain Tensor Imaging and Quantification using Multi-Slice zHARP
  • Myocardial Strain Artifact Reduction using Total Removal of Unwanted Echoes HARmonic Phase MRI (TRUE-HARP)
  • Surface Myocardial Strain Imaging with Through-Plane Rotation Correction using zHARP
  • ZHARP: Three-Dimensional Cardiac Motion Tracking from Single Slice

Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Monitoring of Cardiac Regional Function

MRI Electro-Mechanical Phantoms

Small Animal Imaging

  • Small Animal Myocardial Function and Structure Imaging using Clinical MRI Scanner

Tagging MRI Cardiac Motion Simulation Tool

Ultrasound Speckle Reduction & Motion Tracking (BME, Cairo University and collaboration with IBE Technologies)

ADVISORS (current and former)

Jerry L. Prince, PhD,   Matthias Stuber, PhD,
Yasser M. Kadah, PhD,   Abou-Bakr M. Youssef, PhD, MD


Nael F. Osman, PhD,   Smita Sampath, PhD,
Theodore P. Abraham, MD, FACC