A little corner for Max

Hello, there! Max is back ... in action!

So many things happened since the last time my photos were uploaded on Oct. 29, 2002.

I started to crawl around my first Thanksgiving. Crawling used to be such a fun thing that I could go anywhere (except the kitchen and the bathroom, I guess) all by myself. Now I only practice the skill occasionally.

Then I had enough strength to stand up, which gave me the ability to mess around with things on the coffee table and get something on the edge of the table mom and dad did not want me to hold.

I have eight teeth now, enough to bite on many yummy stuff. A few months ago, I thought the rice cereal was the most delicious food in the world. I was ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

The most dramatic thing during the past few months was that I learnt the secret of walking. It happened a few weeks before my first birthday. At the beginning, I was able to walk around the coffee table with one hand holding it. Gradually, I could walk for a couple of steps from the coffee table to a nearby chair. And finally, I could walk across the room, then I was allowed to walk outside on the sidewalk, on the tennis court, on the playgrounds ... What a wonderful world!

Old pictures have been moved here.


My birthday.


Making faces.


Having fun with my buddies... and someone's car. (May 18, 2003).


Williamsberg, VA (May 24-27, 2003).


In the summer.


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