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BBIR Data Use Agreement

The Brain Biomechanics Imaging Repository (BBIR) data are distributed to the greater scientific community under the following terms:
1. You will not attempt to establish the identity of or to make contact with any of the included human participants.

2. You will acknowledge the use of BBIR data and data derived from BBIR data when publicly presenting any results or algorithms that benefitted from their use. Papers, book chapters, books, posters, oral presentations, and all other printed and digital presentations of results derived from BBIR data should contain the following:

(a) Acknowledgments: "Data were provided [in part] by the Brain Biomechanics Imaging Repository ( Principal Investigators: P. Bayly, D. Pham, C. Johnson, J. Prince, K. Ramesh, through grants U01 NS11212 and R56 NS055951."

(b) Citation: P. Bayly et al. "MR Imaging of Human Brain Mechanics In Vivo: New Measurements to Facilitate the Development of Computational Models of Brain Injury", Ann Biomed Eng (2021),

3. You agree to provide BBIR with information on your use of BBIR data upon request.

4. Failure to abide by these data use terms may result in termination of your right to access and use Brain Biomechanics Imaging data. Further disclosure of information is prohibited.

5. The BBIR data may only be used for research purposes.

6. Only the recipient of the data, as named below, is permitted to use the BBIR data. The data cannot be redistributed or used for any other purpose except as specified by this agreement.

7. The recipient must use appropriate safeguards to prevent a use or disclosure that is not permitted by this agreement.

8. The recipient must report to the BBIR any unauthorized use or disclosure of which they becomes aware.

Access to BBIR Data:

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