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The GO Game Applet v1.1 Chenyang Xu

The following is a GO java applet for people to play GO game locally. If you do not know how to play GO, you might want to read The Way To GO (excellent introduction) or the GO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) first.

To play the game, please following the instructions below:

There would be an applet here if your browser supported Java

Know what? You can have this applet in your own page freely -- just put a link to mine!

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Download the class files

Note: For now, I am only intereseted in building the GO applet to be played locally. I will add more features to the applet if I can find some free time besides more normal work. :-) My pal Mark just sent me his GO game client applet to the Internet GO server. However, IGS's own GO java applet client is out. Therefore, unless one day Mark and I really can work out a much superior applet, I guess your best bet is to use IGS's applet if you want to play GO across the network or write your own if you have the courage. ;-)

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