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{{h2|John Bogovic Ph.D.}}
{{h2|John Bogovic Ph.D.}}
[[Image:JohnHeadshot.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Ph.D Candidate<br>
Image Analysis and Communications Laboratory<br>
Image Analysis and Communications Laboratory<br>
Department of Electrical Engineering<br>
Department of Electrical Engineering<br>

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John Bogovic Ph.D.

Image Analysis and Communications Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University


I began my studies in Electrical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, where I earned a B.S. in 2006. I continued my studies at the Johns Hopkins University, earning a MEng in 2008. Currently, I completed a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering as a member of the Image Analysis and Communications Laboratory in February 2013. My research interests include image segmentation, level set methods, machine learning, diffusion tensor imaging, statistical label fusion, manual delineation, and anatomical studies of the cerebellum focusing on shape variation.


  • MGDM - Multiple-object Geometric Deformable Model
  • JIST - the Java Image Science toolkit
  • TOADS-CRUISE - MR brain segmentation and analysis tools
  • CATNAP - Coregistration, Adjustment, and Tensor-solving - a Nicely Automated Program
  • MRCAP - MR Connectome Automated Pipeline (MRCAP)
  • DOTS - Diffusion-Oirented Tract Segmentation
  • MASI Fusion - Statistical and voting label fusion techniques

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