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Research Projects

MGDM - Multiple-object Geometric Deformable Model

  • MGDM is an efficient level set framework for multi-object segmentation. Its representation inherently prevents overlaps and gaps and it readily preserves object topology and object relationships. MGDM is efficient, storing only a fixed number of functions for any number of objects, and therefore scales well to segmentation problems with many classes and large images. It's represention also avoids some instabilities in other multi-class levelset methods.

JIST - Java Imaging Science Toolkit

  • JIST is a Java-based toolkit analogous to the ITK/VTK paradigm. Included is a graphical interface for building processing pipelines, command-line interfacing, and MIPAV-integrated plugins. A large number of modules are provided that perform a wide-variety of image processing and data analysis tasks.

CATNAP (Coregistration, Adjustment, and Tensor-solving – a Nicely Automated Program)

  • JIST-CATNAP is an end-to-end diffusion processing pipeline that improves upon the original MATLAB-dependent CATNAP software. The new JIST-integrated software provides a modular framework allowing users to tailor the processing to their specific needs. Camino and Fiber tracking are included. The results are readily compatible with DTIStudio, FSL, VTK, among other common analysis/visualization packages.

WebMILL labeling project

  • WebMILL is a web-based interface in which users label anatomy on medical images in a game-like environment. There are lots of great tutorials to help you learn about the images you see and slick painting tools.

Statistical Label Fusion

Cortical Connectivity

  • MRCAP: MR Connectome Automated Pipeline.