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Shuo Han presenting the poster "A resolution measurement algorithm for MRI".
  • IACL activity at ISBI 2019:
    • The IACL team finishes second at the CHAOS Challenge at ISBI 2019. We competed in Tasks 3 and 5 as team mountain. See the leaderboard for complete results.
    • Yihao Liu presented "Projection Artifact Suppression for Inner Retina in OCT Angiography".
    • Shuo Han presented "A resolution measurement algorithm for MRI".


  • Yihao Liu's paper titled "Layer boundary evolution method for macular OCT layer segmentation" appears in Biomedical Optics Express.  (doi)  (PubMed)  (PMCID 6420297)


  • IACL members present papers at the SPIE Medical Imaging (SPIE-MI 2019) meeting in San Diego, CA, February 15 - 20, 2019.
    • Shuo Han presented "Cerebellum parcellation with convolutional neural networks".
    • Lianrui Zuo presented "Automatic Quality Control Using Hierarchical Shape Analysis".
    • Jacob Reinhold presented "Evaluating the impact of intensity normalization on MR Image Synthesis".
  • Yufan He's paper "Retinal layer parcellation of optical coherence tomography images: Data resource for Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy Controls"' appears in Data in Brief.  (doi)  (PubMed)  (PMCID 6327073)


  • The paper "Dual Level-Set Framework for 3D Coronary Artery Wall Segmentation from Coronary CT Angiography" appears in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.  (doi)