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  • IACL members present papers at the 23rd International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2020), Lima, Peru, October 4 - 8, 2020.
    • Yufan He presented "Self domain adapted network".  (doi)
    • Blake Dewey presented "A Disentangled Latent Space for Cross-Site MRI Harmonization".  (doi)
  • IACL members had the following presentations at MICCAI 2020 Workshops:
    • Lianrui Zuo presented "Synthesize Realistic MR Images with Noise Control" at SASHIMI 2020.  (doi)
    • Shuo Han presented "Inhomogeneity Correction in Magnetic Resonance Images Using Deep Image Priors" at MLMI 2020.  (doi)
    • Muhan Shao presented "Direct reconstruction of crossing muscle fibers in the human tongue using a deep neural network" at CDMRI 2020.


  • From our collaboration with Xi’an Jiaotong University, the paper "Unsupervised MR-to-CT Synthesis using Structure-Constrained CycleGAN" appears in IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging.  (doi)


  • Shuo Han's paper "Longitudinal analysis of regional cerebellum volumes during normal aging" appears in NeuroImage.  (doi)  (PubMed)


  • Brain Biomechanics Imaging Resources releases more data.
    • Data is from University of Delaware and Washington University in St. Louis.
    • Includes five new subjects (Two from University of Delaware and three from Washington University in St. Louis).
    • The data is magnetic resonance elastography at multiple frequencies (20Hz through 90Hz).
  • Christian Barillot passed away on June 14, he was a well known and liked researcher in the Medical Imaging Community. There is a memorial page for him at IRISA.


  • The paper "Evaluating White Matter Lesion Segmentations with Refined Sørensen-Dice Analysis" appears in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.  (doi)  (PubMed)
  • Shuo Han's paper "Automatic Cerebellum Anatomical Parcellation using U-Net with Locally Constrained Optimization" appears in NeuroImage.  (doi)


  • Brain Biomechanics Imaging Resources releases updated version of data on NITRC.
    • This release includes MR tagged images of six subjects.
    • Three subjects undergoing rotational motion.
    • Three subjects undergoing head drop.
Jacob Reinhold's presentation from ISBI 2020.
  • Jacob C. Reinhold participates in the first virtual ISBI presenting his work titled "Validating uncertainty in medical image translation". The presentation is available on YouTube.


  • IACL members present papers at the SPIE Medical Imaging (SPIE-MI 2020) meeting in Houston, TX, February 15 - 20, 2020.
    • Prof. J.L. Prince presented work by Yufan He "Adversarial domain adaptation for multi-device retinal OCT segmentation".
    • Jacob Reinhold presented "Finding novelty with uncertainty".
    • Yihao Liu presented "Variational intensity cross channel encoder for unsupervised vessel segmentation on OCT angiography".
    • Shuo Han presented "Reflection-equivariant convolutional neural networks improve segmentation over reflection augmentation".
    • Yihao Liu presented work by Yufan He "Segmenting retinal OCT images with inter-B-scan and longitudinal information".
  • Other accepted papers at SPIE-MI 2020 coming from collaborations with IACL.
    • With Jonghye Woo from Harvard Medical School "Identifying the common and subject-specific functional units of speech movements via a joint sparse non-negative matrix factorization framework".

IACL at SPIE 2020
2020-SPIE-SH-Poster-1.jpg 2020-SPIE-SH-Poster-2.jpg
Shuo Han presenting his poster titled "Reflection-equivariant convolutional neural networks improve segmentation over reflection augmentation".
2020-SPIE-JCR-Audience.jpg 2020-SPIE-YL-Poster-1.jpg
Jacob Reinhold enjoying a plenary talk. Yihao Liu presenting a poster.