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  • IACL members present papers at the SPIE Medical Imaging (SPIE-MI 2018) meeting in Houston, TX, February 10 - 15 2018.
    • Lianrui Zuo presented "Automatic outlier detection using hidden Markov model for cerebellar lobule segmentation".
    • Muhan Shao presented "Multi-atlas segmentation of the hydrocephalus brain using an adaptive ventricles atlas".
    • Jeffrey Glaister presented "Deformable model reconstruction of the subarachnoid space".
    • Xiaokai Wang presented "A novel filtering approach for 3D harmonic phase analysis of tagged MRI"
  • Other accepted papers at SPIE-MI 2018 coming from collaborations with IACL.
    • With Sachin Goyal from IIT Bombay presented "Improving Self Super Resolution in Magnetic Resonance Images".
    • With Aniket Tolpadi from Rice University "Inverse biomechanical modeling via machine learning and synthetic training data".
    • With Sureerat Reaungamornrat from Mahidol University "Inter-scanner Variation Independent Descriptors for Constrained Diffeomorphic Demons Registration of Retinal OCT".

IACL at SPIE 2018
2018 SPIE Muhan Presenting.jpg