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  • Min Chen's paper "Automatic Magnetic Resonance Spinal Cord Segmentation with Topology Constraints for Variable Fields of View" appears in NeuroImage.  (doi)
  • Snehashis Roy's paper "Magnetic Resonance Image Example Based Contrast Synthesis" appears in IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging.  (doi)


  • Aaron Carass presents "Atlas Based Intensity Transformation of Brain MR Images" at the MBIA workshop as part of MICCAI 2013.  (doi)
  • Fangxu Xing presents "3D Tongue Motion from Tagged and Cine MR Images" at MICCAI 2013.  (doi) The video and presentation of his talk are available here.


  • Andrew Lang's paper "Retinal layer segmentation of macular OCT images using boundary classification" appears in Biomedical Optics Express.  (doi)


  • John Bogovic presented his paper "Automated Segmentation of the Cerebellar Lobules Using Boundary Specific Classification and Evolution" at the 23rd International Conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI).


Chuyang Ye discussing his poster at ISBI 2013.
Junghoon Lee presenting his paper at ISBI 2013.
Joshua Stough at ISBI 2013.
Min Chen discussing his poster at ISBI 2013.
Snehashis Roy waiting to discuss his poster at ISBI 2013.
  • IACL members presented papers at the Tenth IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2013), San Francisco, CA, April 7 - 11, 2013.
    • Chuyang Ye presented "Segmentation of the Complete Superior Cerebellar Peduncles using a Multi-object Geometric Deformable Model".
    • Snehashis Roy presented "Patch Based Intensity Normalization of Brain MR Images" and "Longitudinal Intensity Normalization in the presence of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions".
    • Amod Jog presented "Magnetic Resonance Image Synthesis through Patch Regression".
    • Zhen Yang presented "Covariance shrinking in active shape models with application to gyral labeling of the cerebral cortex".
    • Fangxu Xing presented "MRI Analysis of 3D normal and Post-glossectomy Tongue Motion in Speech".



  • IACL members presented papers for the Proceedings of SPIE Medical Imaging (SPIE-MI 2013), Orlando, FL, February 9-14, 2013.
    • Chuyang Ye presented "Parcellation of the thalamus using diffusion tensor images and a multi-object geometric deformable mode".
    • Zhen Yang presented "Automatic cell segmentation in fluorescence images of confluent cell monolayers using multi-object geometric deformable model".
    • Min Chen presented "Voxel-wise displacement as independent features in classification of multiple sclerosis"
    • Amod Jog presented "Pulse sequence based multi-acquisition MR intensity normalization".
    • Andrew Lang presented "Segmentation of retinal OCT images using a random forest classifier".
    • Murat Bilgel presented "Automated anatomical labeling of the cerebral arteries using belief propagation".
    • Nathanael Kuo presented "An intraoperative dynamic dosimetry guidance system for prostate brachytherapy".
    • Jerry L. Prince presented Snehashis Roy's paper "Longitudinal intensity normalization of magnetic resonance images using patches".