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CATNAP History



6/22/07: SPECIAL NOTE: CATNAP does not support Windows Vista due to incompatibilities with Cygwin and associated programs. The developers have successfully deployed CATNAP and the analysis programs to a VMWare virtual machine, but we cannot publically distribute this machine due to licensing restrictions (non-distribution clauses). We posted our user manual and the list of installed software along with a detailed list of installed programs so that you can configure your own machines. [HTML] [PDF]


4/18/07: SPECIAL NOTE: Critical bug discovered in CATNAP that scaled eigenvalues by the b-value/700. Anisotropy measures, orientation, colormap, and fiber tracking are NOT effected. Please update to 3.13 or newer. [Details]


4/11/07: SPECIAL NOTE: Important changes to the PAR files and user defined gradient table options with Philips MR Scanner release 2.x. [Details]


Previous Public Releases:

Release 3.19 (released 12/29/2007)

·         A bug fix in DTI Gradient table creator for Philips Release 2.5 for YES-Overplus tables (the “x”and “y” gradient directions were flipped – this resulted in peculiar colormap images and fiber tracking failure).

·         A new “options” field to pass options directly through to FLIRT with RADAR registration.

·         Improved PAR/REC support for multi-echo files. These are not used in DTI/CATNAP, but it’s handy to be able to read these files with more meta-information available.

Release 3.18 (released 11/21/2007)

·         Support for Philips scanner release 2.51.

Release 3.17 (released 9/21/2007)

·         Added Camino support (thanks to Dan Peterson)

·         Added basic logging (godzilla only)

·         Disabled fields now disappear

·         Fixed a format bug in analyze2parrec (does not impact analysis)

·         Fixed a bug with inf/nan removal failing.

Release 3.15 (released 7/20/2007)

·         Fixed a bug with inf/nan removal failing.

·         Removed dependency on the signal processing toolbox. Only Matlab base is now required.

·         Fixed a bug with YES Overplus gradient tables.

Release 3.14 (released 5/3/2007)

·         Added structural spine registration with AIR (gozilla only).

·         Added inf/nan removal to the masking step.

·         Added ability to queue motion correction only

Release 3.13 (released 4/16/2007)          

·         Fixed eigenvalue scaling.

Release 3.12 (released 4/13/2007)          

·         New support for PAR 4.1

·         Improved cross-platform AFNI compatibility.

·         Fixed compatibility issues with Matlab 7.3.

·         Minor GUI improvements and clarifications.

·         Enabled "sort images" yes and no. (previously assumed yes)

Release 3.10  (released 3/29/2007)         

·         Corrected sorting of "eval" files so that "eval1" is the largest eigenvalue.

·         Fixed contrast processing of non-256x256xN volumes.

·         Much simplified Windows/Matlab/cygwin interface (with special help from Aksit, Pelin (GE Healthcare) and J. Andrew Derbyshire (NIH))    

·         Support for both bash and tcsh.

Release 3.9  (released 3/14/2007 - Happy Pi Day!)

·         Updated DTI Gradient table to support Philips release 2.0/2.1

·         Added spine registration (3-D in plane only, weighted by b0 intensity). Misc. GUI fixes.

                Release 3.7(released 1/4/2007)

                                Now includes support for:

·         Non-axial target volumes.

·         Bug fixes.

                Release 3.0 (released 11/15/2006)

                                Now includes support for:

·         Siemens or GE data (use Analyze2PARREC) 

·         AFNI tensor estimation (linear and non-linear)

·         Additional contrasts (New: volume ratio, relative anisotropy, mean b0, mean diffusion weighted)

                Release 2.2 (released 9/14/2006)

                Release 2.1 (released 8/15/2006) 


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